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May 19, 2011

print via store procedure

Filed under: oracle — sikathabis @ 9:33 am
	v_file         VARCHAR2(200);
	v_nm           VARCHAR2(10);
	f_out_file     Text_IO.File_Type;
	v_err_msg      VARCHAR2(240);
	f_err_file     Text_IO.File_Type;
	v_eof          BOOLEAN := FALSE;
	v_b_return     BOOLEAN;
	v_v2_data      VARCHAR2(200);
	v_all_rec      NUMBER := 0;
	v_rec_ok       NUMBER := 0;
	v_rec_not_ok   NUMBER := 0;
	v_all2_rec     NUMBER;
	v_rec2_ok      NUMBER;
	v_rec2_not_ok  NUMBER;
	osname         VARCHAR2(20);
	v_err_file     VARCHAR2(200);
	v_ext          VARCHAR2(3);

		   osname := get_application_property(operating_system);
 		     if osname = 'WIN32COMMON' then
            host('cmd.exe /c move '||:Upload.Filename||'\SJ*.*  C:\sap2000\log\arsip\sj',no_prompt);
		     end if;

		IF :upload.Filename IS NULL THEN
 			 Message_util.Show_Message('Error','Directory must be filled !');
		ELSIF message_util.ask_user_2(p_title=>'Confirmation',
  				p_message => 'Are you sure want to upload ?') = ALERT_BUTTON1 THEN
--      host('dir /b /o '||:UPLOAD.FILENAME||'\ > C:\loadfaktur.txt');

        if osname in ('MSWINDOWS', 'MSWINDOWS32' ) then
	         host('command /c dir /b /o'||:Upload.Filename||'\ > c:\loadfak.txt',no_prompt);
        elsif osname in ('WIN32COMMON' ) then
	         host('cmd /c dir /b '||:Upload.Filename||' > c:\loadfak.txt',no_prompt);
	      end if;   

      IF GRD$FILE_UTIL.F_OPEN_File(p_out_file_id  => f_out_file
	   	  		  	 			,p_in_path_filename => 'C:\loadfak.txt'
					 						,p_in_mode => 'r'
					 						,p_out_error_msg  => v_err_msg) THEN

--				  v_err_file := :UPLOAD.FILENAME||'\loadfaktur_'||TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'DDMMRRRR')||'.txt';
				  v_err_file := :UPLOAD.FILENAME||'\loadfak_'||TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'DDMMRRRR')||'.txt';				  

				  v_b_return := GRD$FILE_UTIL.F_OPEN_File(p_out_file_id  => f_err_file
	   	  		  	 			,p_in_path_filename => v_err_file
					 						,p_in_mode => 'w'
					 						,p_out_error_msg  => v_err_msg);


				WHILE NOT v_eof LOOP
				   GRD$FILE_UTIL.P_GET_next_line (p_in_file_id => f_out_file
														,p_out_line_txt => v_v2_data
														,p_out_eof => v_eof
														,p_out_error_msg => v_err_msg);

					 /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
					 //  Ambil Extention dari file, Jika ext = .do , maka load DOAHM
					 //  Jika ext = fm1 or fm2, maka load ppblist
					 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// */

					 IF NOT v_eof THEN
					 	  -- Ambil extention
					 	 -- v_ext := UPPER(SUBSTR(v_v2_data,INSTR(v_v2_data,'.',1)+1, LENGTH(v_v2_data)));
					 	  v_ext := UPPER(SUBSTR(v_v2_data,INSTR(v_v2_data,'.',1)+1, 3));
					 	  v_nm  := UPPER(SUBSTR(v_v2_data,2,6));

--					    message(v_nm ||'.'||v_ext);pause;

					 	  -- Cek sama dengan tanggal proses dan no dealer
					 	  IF v_ext = rtrim(:upload.nodlr) and v_nm=to_char(:upload.tglproses,'RRMMDD') THEN
				      Grd$Loading_Util.P_UPLOAD_FAKTUR (
									      p_in_path_filename => :upload.filename||'\'||v_v2_data,
									      p_err_file => f_err_file,
									      p_n_line_no => v_all2_rec,
									      p_n_rec_ok => v_rec2_ok,
												p_n_rec_not_ok => v_rec2_not_ok);
					 	  END IF;	

						 v_all_rec := v_all_rec + v_all2_rec;
						 v_rec_ok := v_rec_ok + v_rec2_ok;
						 v_rec_not_ok := v_rec_not_ok + v_rec2_not_ok;
					 END IF;
      -- Sending message to user
--			Message_Util.Show_Message('Info', v_rec_ok||' record(s) inserted from '||
--																			'all '||v_all_rec||' record(s)');

  	  // Close file
    	////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// */
			v_b_return := GRD$FILE_UTIL.F_CLOSE_File(p_in_file_id => f_out_file);
      v_b_return := GRD$FILE_UTIL.F_CLOSE_File(p_in_file_id => f_err_file);

	  	  // Open file unsuccess
	    	///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// */
				Message_util.Show_Message('Error', 'Cannot open file '||
												'C:\loadfak.txt'||'. With Err Msg : '||v_err_msg||'. Check File and directory name.');
      END IF; --Open File
  	END IF;

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